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Walk In Register & Waiting List Management

Walk-in customer can sign-in at kiosk station by select employee and service then receptionist may view the customer waiting at front in the Waiting List dashboard.

Sale Management

Displays several below features that provides a convenient and easy to use front-end.

Online Appointment & Scheduling Management

With Appointment management, you may perform tracking and auto reminds you with customer appointments, so you never miss any appointment.

Employee Management

It helps you efficiently track of employee profile, deductibles, clock in/out, taken turns, Realtime Monitor Performance, Online Scheduling, and Payroll W-1099 & W-2.


This new dashboard also comes with a marketing feature that gives you control just at a finger tip. It is even complemented with an email marketing campaign.


The dashboard also provide you an instant Report, which could be viewed anytime and anywhere you want to.

Our Products

DigPOS is partner with several credit card processing companies, you dealt direct with them and you will get a base bone system with free DigPOS software. We specializes in credit and debit card processing, POS system, cash advance, and gift card services for nail salon merchants. Our commitment to products, pricing and customer service can only be understood if you understand our merchant and we do. DigPOS has built a team with nail salon experience, either running and building salons or working in family run business.

What We Offer

Free Base Bone System with DigPOS Software

We had partner with our credit card processing companies. At this time, Sterling Payment Technologies offered any new merchant who sign up then you will get a free rent base bone unit with DigPOS software application.

TiMo Management System

Anyone who had nail salon business, need to monitor employee productivity during the service to client. We had a special real-time monitor management system with special offer.

We Offer High Quality POS

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