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POS Software Vs Cash Register – 5 Myths You Need to Know
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Myth #1 – POS Software is Expensive – Point of sale software can seem more expensive than purchasing a cash register, but only if the you are blindly just taking into account initial costs. In reality, Point of Sale software typically produces a return on investment within just a few months of purchase if you take into account the amount of time savings, reduced costs and increased profits it can help your store generate.

Myth #2 – POS Software is Complicated – Although it may seem like a cash register is a less complicated way to run a retail till compared to a point of sale software, the opposite is actually true. POS software is almost always easier to understand and operate because modern POS software solutions utilize state-of-the-art GUI (Graphical User Interface) design that is designed to be simple and intuitive, whereas cash registers are limited to physical keys.

Myth #3 – POS Software is for Big Businesses – A few decades ago, running a computerized point of sale software system was a privildge that only the largest enterprise-size businesses could afford, because most point of sale software solutions cost hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to implement into a business operation. In today’s market with POS Software and hardware now available very econmonically, even a small retail store with one location and a modest size business can not only afford, but hugely benefit from a point of sale software. Even those with almost no budget can often qualify for payment options.

Myth #4 – POS Peripherals are Expensive – As with most computer hardware on the market today, point of sale peripherals such as POS barcode scanners, bar code printers, electronic cash drawers, pole displays and even electronic scales have become so inexpensive that all businesses can now afford them.

Myth #5 – POS Software is a Luxury – Upgrading your antiquated cash register system to a point of sale software solution is not a luxury anymore – it is an absolute necessity to survive in today’s economy and business. Wheras in the past, only very profitable companies could invest the huge development costs required to run a computerized point of sale solution, in today’s market everyone is upgrading to an electronic POS system – including your competitors. With improved inventory tracking,faster checkout, incredible business reports and statistics and their fingertips, your competitors are going to have a huge competitive advantage over you if you’re still running an old cash register system.

The time to upgrade from a cash register to a POS system is now. It has never been so economical and the software available has never been as simple and easy to use as it is today.